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Sly's Seafood, Steaks, Cocktails

Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

Cruisin' with James and Annie

Come next October, James and Ann have plans to host a cruise in the Mediterranean on a brand new Silver Seas ship, the Silver Spirit. The seven day voyage is from Rome, Italy to Barcelona, Spain, and will offer a chance to visit some of the best farmer’s markets in the world, while traveling in luxury. We’ve arrange substantial 60% savings, and Silver Seas is currently including complimentary air fare as well.

Silver Spirit

A complete itinerary and pricing information is available here. Think of it as a wonderful opportunity to experience a world class cruise line, and enjoy some of the Mediterranean’s best sites and markets.

James’ and Annie’s friend Kurt Grasing, of Carmel’s wonderful Grasing’s Restaurant and the recently closed Carmel Chop House (those greedy landlords — in this economy), is hosting a cruise the week before ours, October 2nd through 9th, also on the Silver Spirit, coming down from Monte Carlo and ending in Rome.

For more information the cruise with James & Annie or with Kurt, contact Michael Mastrocola at Millenium Travel, 831-659-0151, toll-free 800-304-6838, or via e-mail.