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Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

Sly’s wine list

A great wine list. In Carpinteria?

We do food right at Sly’s. Service and cocktails, too. But wine may be what we do best.

The latest news? Sly’s has received the Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence” for our wine list for the last seven years!

Wine Spectator Awards

We took a different approach with our wine list. Sort of an “Us” and “Them” approach. Our basic list is about 100 wines — all good choices in their price range, we think. The “Us” part is wines from Carpinteria, Summerland, Santa Barbara County, and California. That’s normal enough. The “Them” part, however, is what tends to set us apart. Them at Sly’s means we offer some comparable wines from France in a number of categories. Ten Chardonnays, ten white Burgundies. Ten pinot noirs, ten red Burgundies. Seven Rhône style wines from California, seven from, well, the Rhône Valley in France. You get the idea — and if you try the wines, we think you'll understand even better. There’s some great wines from France, and we think it's time that people got a chance to try them.

Full Bar, classic cocktails, and an extensive list of Californian and French wines, by the bottle and by the glass.

A reasonably priced French wine with dinner? In terrific crystal, and served at the right temperature? Where would you get it but Sly’s?

Sly's wine list