Historical website: Sly’s closed September 23, 2018.

Sly's Seafood, Steaks, Cocktails

Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

Sly’s Reviews and mentions


20180809 Coastal View mention of Sly's'

Santa Barbara News-Press

20180808 Santa Barbara News-Press mention of Sly's'
Paul Gonzalez provides an excellent look back at all the wonderfulness that has been Sly’s.

Santa Barbara Independent

Ethan Stewart singled out Sly’s as the best restaurant in Carpinteria.


Santa Barbara Independent

George Yatchisin raved about our skinny onion rings and home fries.


Santa Barbara News-Press

Nikki Grey recounts a gathering of top area chefs, including Chef Sly, of course.


New York Times

Danielle Pergament mentioned our grilled artichokes and “aromatic mussels” in The New York Times Travel section.


Santa Barbara News-Press

Marilyn McMahon tells a wonderful short story featuring Julia Child and Chef Sly.


Daily Pilot

Our manager Mandy Chinn received “The Best Bartender in Santa Barbara” award in The Daily Pilot.

Santa Barbara Independent

Mandy also got some nice recognition in an article about cocktails.



Starshine Roshell listed us among the hidden treasures on Linden Avenue.

Westways June 2010

805 Living

Angela Pettera wrote another great review of Sly’s in 805 Living.

805 Living review

Santa Barbara Independent

Another great review in the Independent by George Yatchisin. Thanks, George.


Santa Barbara Independent

One big event that Sly’s takes part in is the Central Coast Wine Classic Hearst Castle Dinner. George Yatchisin’s first-hand experience is a treat to read.



Bob Dickey at Noozhawk also covered the Central Coast Wine Classic Hearst Castle Dinner.


The Chocolate Blog

We were noticed by the Chocolate Blog — and not just for our desserts. See what they had to say about Sly’s.

805 Living

Angela Pettera wrote a great review of Sly’s in 805 Living.

805 Living review

Ventura County Star

Another addition to the growing collection of reviews of Sly’s came from Rita Moran. It’s titled “Seafood Mecca”.



Nancy Ransohoff had some very nice things to say in Westways about Sly’s in Carpinteria.

Westways January/February 2009

Santa Barbara Independent

Reviewer George Yatchisin had some kind words about our brunch, especially our lobster sauce).


Santa Barbara Independent

“Incredibly fine dining comes to Carp,” wrote food critic George Yatchisin in a blurb about our opening.


The Daily Sound

John Dickson’s posting in the blog section of our wonderful free Santa Barbara paper, The Daily Sound on Friday, March 6 called “Favorite Places” is part of a new series where John asks locals where they like to eat and drink.


The same information appeared as a part of John Dickson’s Santa Barbara restaurant blog, “The Restaurant Guy.” It was nice that in interviewing 12 local columnists, more than one mentioned great restaurants like Los Arroyos, celebrating a 10 year anniversary soon. Great food and great people, Los Arroyos has put its stamp on the community in that time. It was nice that another restaurant, a new comer, came up mentioned twice — Sly’s.

Santa Barbara News-Press

The Santa Barbara News-Press “Scene” section saw fit to review us in their January 9 issue. They loved the filet mignon, hamburger sandwich, and spaghetti carbonara, among other things. Link to follow! (We wish they’d noticed that we are a seafood restaurant as well as having great steaks and pasta …)

Other print mentions

Others include Santa Barbara Magazine, The LA Times, Sunset Magazine, and the Santa Barbara Independent.


On the web, the community of Yelp.com is starting to contribute reviews about Sly’s.


RB Racing

Sometimes reviews show up in the most unexpected places. Take this mention from our friends at RB Racing, for example. Scroll down past some cool motorcycle hardware to see the blurb about Sly’s.