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Read what Sly’s Bar Manager Mandy Huffaker has to say about IRISH COFFEE at Sly’s Blog. Every day is Saint Patrick’s Day if you want it to be!

When Chef asked me to write a blog entry on the Irish Coffee, I started to take an informal poll of my friends and coworkers. I began asking people one simple question: “If I say the words ‘Irish Coffee’ to you, what is the first thing you think of?” Sort of a free-association exercise, if you will. The most popular answer I got was, “The Buena Vista” (don’t worry, we’ll get there). The second most popular answer was, “Uh, whiskey?” What was and is interesting to me is that if you ask your friends or family the same question (don’t worry, no one will say Ireland …

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We’re still getting the delicious strawberries from Harry’s Berry’s. The brussels sprouts are beautiful. Best of all, there’s fresh bay scallops from Nantucket, maybe the best scallops in the world. Icy cold water makes them the plumpest and tastiest available. It’s a terrific harvest this year, in sharp contrast to recent years. They’re tossed with butter and bread crumbs.

We look forward to seeing you at Sly’s, with a chance to enjoy our food and the cheerful hospitality at Sly’s.

Annie & James