Historical website: Sly’s closed September 23, 2018.

Sly's Seafood, Steaks, Cocktails

Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

Sly’s brunch menu

Come for the beach, stay for the Brunch. Sly’s in Carpinteria

Brunch is a great meal. Brunch in Carpinteria, even better. The best? It doesn’t get better than brunch at Sly’s.

Start with a great cup of our strong coffee or a good cappuccino. Maybe a traditional brunch cocktail — a Ramos Fizz or a Mimosa. We’ve got a great list of cocktails you can count on. Then on to great food. We’ve got some tired old favorites, and some new creations on the menu. Eggs Benedict or Florentine (even Abalone Benedict!), our incredible chili cheese omelets, the much-discussed seafood omelet, or just a great bagel with cream cheese, ripe tomato, and incredible Santa Barbara Smokehouse smoked salmon. There are waffles with fresh berries or real maple syrup, and those famous Dutch Baby pancakes.

And of course, you could also keep it simple with just abalone and eggs. If you couldn’t get that at Sly’s, where could you get it?

Naturally everything is done the Sly’s way — bread freshly baked right here, Hollandaise made the right way, eggs cooked in butter, desserts homemade in our kitchen.

Don’t forget to check out our lunch menu, too. We serve the entire lunch menu at our Saturday and Sunday Brunch.

brunch menu

Brunch served 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays