Historical website: Sly’s closed September 23, 2018.

Sly's Seafood, Steaks, Cocktails

Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

It’s a personal thing

This last August, 2012, marked Sly’s 4th anniversary — and the middle of a busy, busy summer season for the hard-working crew at Sly’s. As is our tradition, we gave out delicious Big Beef tomatoes from our friends at Beylik Family Farms to each of our guests on that hot summer night.

James and Annie Sly

We wouldn’t say that the first four years have been easy, but then, good things are often a lot of work, aren’t they? We’ve continue to make a lot of people happy with our great food and service, and look forward to doing more of the same. We’d like to extend our thanks to Carpinteria and all of our clients for all of the wonderful support in the “last great little beach town on the Central Coast.” (Not to mention, home of the “World’s Safest Beach.”)