Historical website: Sly’s closed September 23, 2018.

Sly's Seafood, Steaks, Cocktails

Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

Sly’s vegetable specialties

Fall, winter, spring or summer, we’ve got some terrific vegetable selections at Sly’s. There’s always lots going on with fresh vegetables from the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market. “Mama’s” beautiful Brussels sprouts are still a ways away. We know that Harry’s Berries will have some of those incredible thin French green beans this fall, though perhaps not for too much longer.

Rudy’s tender “dinosaur” kale and young fennel hearts are featured on the menu, and very popular. (Not to mention that right now, Harry’s Berries strawberries are about the most incredible strawberries you’ll ever have. We expect them to be scarce this year) We just added back the roasted baby yams after a brief hiatus, and should have them for the rest of the year. If it’s vegetables you want, we always have a great selection at Sly’s.

Other seasonal specialties include: Cauliflower Polonaise, with brown butter and chopped hard-boiled egg, fresh Rapini sautéed with Garlic and the ever popular sugar snap peas. Tiny baked fingerling yams are especially delicious.

Just so you know, Sly’s is “Farm Friendly Dining” certified with the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market.