Historical website: Sly’s closed September 23, 2018.

Sly's Seafood, Steaks, Cocktails

Steak, Seafood, Cocktails

Best of Santa Barbara® 2016: Eating (October 20, 2016)


My Dogs,

Lick those chops, and ready your begging game because this town takes the fine art of eating seriously. In fact, so plentiful and powerfully delicious are the options in this fabled culinary landscape that Dot and I have begun to growl at each other about what places are the best of the best for our favorite chowhounds to dine at when they are in town. Pack problems aside, you won’t be disappointed if you wind up at any of these spots.


Carpinteria Restaurant

Sly’s, 686 Linden Ave., Carpinteria, 684-6666, slysonline.com


Source: Ethan Stewart, Santa Barbara Independent